Machine design

Machine design is a particular aspect within engineering design, machine design takes care of creating machinery to work safely and reliably well. Machine: “Device formed of interrelated units, device that modifies a force or a movement.” Within the operation of

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Engineering Design Process

We must start by asking ourselves: What is design? And for this we must understand that the design is around us in pretty much everything. The term design clearly encompasses a wide range of meanings that in most cases refers

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Responsibility of the Design Engineer

In general, the design engineer must meet the needs of users (management, customers, consumers, etc.) and is expected to do so in a competent, responsible, ethical and professional manner. A lot of the work in the engineering course and practical

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Design concept in Engineering

Design is defined as the previous process of mental configuration, “prefiguration”, in the search for a solution in any field. It is commonly applied in the context of industry, engineering, architecture, communication and other disciplines that require creativity. The design

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I want to help you bet on you and your business

I am an Industrial Engineer with a passion for project management and design. But what really satisfies me is the happiness of my clients because they have achieved their goal.

I believe that when a person wants with all his might to improve his business, and has the right help, the road is easier and the results come.

This is your time to take action and grow your business with confidence and security.

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