5S Methodology

To the extent that the organization represents the means that it allows the people who collaborate in it to achieve its individual goals, it is a factor that has a representative impact on the behavior of the organization’s collaborators. In

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Waste disposal

One of the points at which the Toyota production system, designed by Taiichi Ohno, focuses on the elimination of waste. The concept of waste must be identified, in order to distinguish it from cost, in such a way that we

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SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)

When we intend to implement a lean manufacturing or lean manufacturing system in our processes, it is common to face the restriction of the generation of safety inventories, either product in transit or finished product, as the effect of two

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ANDON: Visual Control

Most of the information people collect comes from signs and signs. We live daily with multiple signals around us and consciously, or not, we use them to increase our understanding of our environment, facilitating constant decision-making with a high degree

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One-Point Lesson (OPL)

In order to implement a philosophy of continuous improvement or Kaizen, the search for alternatives that facilitate the transmission and learning of knowledge should be initiated, in the same way that they contribute to the implementation of a standard in

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Inventories, while lacking value-added generation for organizations, allow one or another to provide availability of the goods and services provided by them, as well as to ensure the continuity of the processes that perform them. In this order of ideas,

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Value Maps (VSM)

Value maps, also known as Value Stream Map (VSM) value flow graphs, are tools used to fully understand processes, both within the organization and in the supply chain. The main objective by which value maps are developed is that they

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Kaizen Events

Kaizen is a powerful change and improvement tool. Its main usefulness is the active integration of all workers in an organization into its continuous improvement processes, gradual and orderly application processes. While there are fundamental and cross-cutting principles, which support

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KAIZEN: Continuous improvement

Since the consolidation of the Japanese economy, many have been the questions that have been raised regarding the models and practices used in the resurgence after the devastation caused by World War II. The need to build Japan’s financial and

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Key principles and implementation phases of Lean Manufacturing

Organizations looking to implement the Lean methodology or some of its tools obviously pursue objectives related to improving the performance of their processes. In this search, many organizations have failed to achieve significant results. For this reason, it is very

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What is Lean Manufacturing?

There are many names by which this methodology is known: Just in time, lean manufacturing, agile manufacturing, world-class manufacturing, Toyota production system and more. The results obtained through its practices make it one of the most successful and revolutionary production

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Lean Manufacturing's Brief History

The origin of lean manufacturing dates back to the early years of the twentieth century, when mass production, which was invented, developed and potentialized in the automotive sector, was transmitted to many industrial sectors. However, a few years later the

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