Technical Director of Special Projects Department


TDK Electronics Components


Management of automation projects and special projects.

Automation and robotization projects for manufacturing and assembly lines.

Front-End (Film, Metallization and Annealing) Automation

Back-End (Assembly and Test) Automation


Senior Project Manager


DSA Assembly & Test Technology


Project management of Test and assembly machines.

Project Manager of projects for China, Poland, Mexico, Brazil and the USA.


  • Test line and functional test of Electronic Power Steering
          • HT (Shanghai Automotive & Aerospace Enterprise)
  • Test and trial line for Diesel injection pumps.
          • Continental Chanchung plant (China)
  • Ignition coil assembly line
          • Delphi Michigan plant (USA)
  • GDI Injectors Assembly Line
          • Delphi Blonie plant (Poland)
  • Assembly and crimping line driver Kuga and Laser Lag Jaguar
          • Valeo Lighting (Spain)
  • VW door assembly station
          • Grupo Antolín (Spain)
  • Window regulator assembly line
          • Aston Martin (Lusitania) 
  • Door and roof assembly lines
          • Volkswagen Arteon (Germany)


Senior Engineer / Project Manager




Customized industrial machine project tutoring for clients.

Project Manager in DIANNA I + D project (AIM – AIRBUS Defense & Space).

Development, calculation and validation of aerospace structural elements and propulsion ion neutralizer (ESA – European Space Agency).


  • Design and calculation of Positive Ion Neutralizer for Propellant-Reactor (European Space Agency – E.S.A.)
    Design and calculation of resistant nuclear charge of the Internal Gage Pressure for I.T.E.R.
    Sealant Application Automation Machine (A400M HTP – Airbus)
    Establishment of Hybrid Stack drilling parameters for One Shot Drilling and One Way Assembly (FC-AL Plates, Airbus)
    Tooling Design for Lower Air Intake APU Mounting A400M
    Layer-enhanced tomographic diagnosis in ITER project
    Robotic Stack Welding Station for AT Capacitors (TDK ELECTRONICS)
    Robotic metallization station for High Voltage varistors
    Design of a hardness tester in non-destructive and non-stop testing using eddy currents for automobile elements.
    Automated weighing and packaging station for flour at 1000 Containers / hour (FDA)
    Design of clamping tools for RAT DOORS RAT V900 and V1000 (AIRBUS)
    Design and FEM calculation of mobile pastry table for Autoclave (Alestis Aerospace)


CEO & Portfolio Manager


EUROTECH Ingeniería y Consulting


Take the lead in stabilizing profits and recovering the volume of strategic indicators.

Continued work as an external engineering department for several clients (SUZUKI, FAETON, MINISDEF, AUSA, ITURRI, INFRICO, MOTOR HISPANIA, PRAMAC, HIMOINSA, DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS, HIDRAL, ETC.)


Hydraulic Swing Device Design for Dumper (AUSA)

FEM calculation and development of modifications to the Chassis of the PS-10 Military vehicle (Santana-Motor)

Reengineering of distribution in the Pleasure Yacht manufacturing plant (FAETON)

Design and approval of a piloted vehicle for the application of Phytosanitary Products in greenhouses.

Design of engineering and control documentation, restructuring of scandals to reduce the complexity and number of parts as well as improve the interchangeability of elements.

Development of technical publications and product manuals (repair and maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, repair time manuals, wiring diagrams, owner’s manuals, etc.)

Detailed engineering in mechanical projects, including the study and design of prototypes through calculation, simulation and analysis.

Development of projects for the construction of metal structures and industrial plants.


Area Manager


SGE Consultores


Conceptualization and implementation of the Technical Documentation System of a multinational company that manufactures off-road vehicles through software-based management with XML / SGML + DTD technology.
Implementation and Re-Engineering of processes and BPM Systems.
Coordination of the team of consultants for the development and implementation of technical documentation and product manuals for international manufacturers.
Team leader of 22 people.
Modernization of the edition, publication and distribution of technical documentation.


Tecnical Manager


Plásticos Ferro (FERROPLAST)


Developed and maintained plans of the systems, control and development of technical documents, description and development of flow diagrams.

Optimization and automation of the company’s production lines. Coordination of the activities of implementation and start-up of a new manufacturing plant of the company.

Team leader of 100 people.

Comprehensive evaluation of efficiency improvements in production and manufacturing processes.

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