SCRUM and "Agile" methodology

Like any trend, SCRUM fashion has generated a boom of trainings, certifications, change projects in organizations, PMO Agiles, etc. Well, if someone has served to give their projects more value and the processes and tools of work have been optimized,

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Introduction on PM2

What is PM2? PM2 (pronounced “P-M squared”) is Project Management Methodology or, what is the same, Project Management Methodology. It is a methodology that has been developed by the European Commission. It aims to provide a tool for project managers

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The Project Manager with Emotional Intelligence

Let’s talk about the importance of proper management of people, communication and emotions in a project. 90% of the project manager’s time is focused on information management and proper communication. But communicating is much more than just talking or explaining

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What is a hybrid PMO?

First of all we have to say that creating and managing a PMO is not a simple thing, nor something that we can do in a couple of weeks. An appropriate strategy must be defined for the organization, the 4

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Stages of project management

You have a project to manage. Congratulations! The roller coaster is about to begin! The good news is that project management consists of a series of simple steps and principles. The fundamentals of project management are: Organize. Help others get

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A complete guide to RACI/RASCI graphics

Solving who does what in your project can be a challenge. An RACI chart is a project management tool that helps you do just that. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about producing a RACI

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How to manage a successful project

Managing a project is not easy; not only do you have to finish it on time, but you also have to do it according to the budget and with enough quality to meet your customer’s expectations. The exact mix between

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About project management and management

In business administration, project management is the discipline that studies planning, organization, motivation, and resource control for the purpose of achieving one or more objectives. A project is a temporary venture designed to produce a single product, service or result

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