Personalized training for companies aims to respond to the individual training needs of organizations.

Do you want to develop skills and competencies of a person or a group? You will find at your disposal short, practical, face-to-face courses focused on different areas of knowledge, as well as preparation of specific online courses.

Why attend an open training course?

All participants agree in highlighting the benefits of training in small groups of 8 to 10 people, with professionals from different companies, sectors and activities. Open training calls are an interesting solution to gradually train your collaborators and are an opportunity to:

  • Leave the framework of the company itself to learn with total independence.
  • Grow with the exchange of experiences between people from different companies.
  • Know different cultures, different approaches and different sectors of activity.
  • Acquire and put into practice a knowledge or a competence in a reduced time of 1 to 5 days.

Benefits of open company training

  • Confront and enrich yourself with the exchange of experiences and knowledge between participants from different companies.
  • Get a global perspective beyond the framework of the company itself.

Can the company request a tailor-made course?

Well, the answer is YES. In times of competitiveness that we live in, it is common for the company to require specific training adapted to the needs of the company, and sometimes adapted to a specific position. The development of specific training activities is carried out by consensus with the company, in order to optimize resources and time as much as possible. This training is adapted to the competency matrix of the human resources department and, where appropriate, a competency matrix is developed if it does not exist.

It is an interesting solution to gradually train your collaborators and they are an opportunity to:

  • Develop the specific skills that a position requires.
  • Encourage the exchange of information between the different colleagues, thus enhancing teamwork.
  • Develop training plans that will be taught “in situ” in the company itself.
  • Provide knowledge or adequate competence in a short time and lacking content not necessary for the position.

Benefits of tailor-made training for companies

  • Quickly develop the skills and knowledge of specific people in your company.
  • Provide a plan of individual training actions adjusted to the competence profile of each person.

Most popular training courses

Specific offers in an area of activity to optimize the company’s training plan.

Courses in small groups of between 1 and 15 people to interact with the trainer and with the participants.

Preparation of the “Training passport” of the worker, which is designed according to all the areas of activity of the company, and where the student is acquiring the “visas” of competencies in different areas, thus facilitating adequate internal mobility by providing a record competence in said passport. This passport in turn will help meet the individual needs for training and career plans of key people in your organization.

The pedagogy of the training and the dynamics are adapted to each course

All training courses are aimed at the workplace. They provide the fundamental knowledge and competencies necessary to increase efficiency in the workplace.

They are transversal training courses that provide attendees with the skills to develop “know-how” and “know-being”. Personally and technically, to get the best of yourself in the professional field.

The methodological structure of the courses will provide the aptitude and attitudinal capacities necessary for the correct performance of what has been learned in the course.

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